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Fogo op Altembrouck

Address : Altembrouck 4, 3798 's-Gravenvoeren
Phone : +32 43 33 01 86
Fax : +32 2706 5781
Cuisine : Fusion
Closing days : None
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Private Dining For several years now Japanese Wagyu meat, also known as 'Kobe' beef, has been enjoying increasing popularity.
Experts and gourmets who have recently discovered our Wagyu beef consider it to be the most tender, most succulent and tastiest meat in the world.

Since the famous Wagyu cattle arrived at Altembrouck in 1996, we worked hard on the introduction of this particular beef in Europe.
Wagyu meat is striking because of its wonderful marbling which results in a never-before-experienced succulence that sends the taste buds reeling.

Initially, our products were only for sale in the Food Halls of the luxury store Harrodds and it appeared on the menus of exclusive establishments such as Robert de Niro's "Nobu" restaurant or Madonna's "Asia de Cuba", both in London.
It was Mr. Akura Oshima, chef of the famous Japanese Sachanka restaurant who patiently taught us the ancient Japanese principles upon which the breeding and handling of Wagyu cattle was based. He inspired us to develop new dishes in which the ultimate taste of Wagyu meat can excel.

Private dining is one of the options we offer to experience the culinary specialities of our estate. We extented the philosophy of quality and "zero tolerance" to all the dishes we serve.
Culinary performance starts at the base and most ingredients come from our own estate or the place of origin, eg directly from the manufacturer.

Our fair cooking with pure and authentic flavors, is a relief for the most demanding gourmets. Experience the original taste and a warm reception on this estate, one of Belgiums best kept secrets.

We offer dinners, lunches, tastings or walking dinners for groups of 10 - 120 people.

Altembrouck has several historic rooms where you can experience this old country estate, with its fairytale castle park, its large ponds and large terrace with outdoor kitchen, from where you can see the beautiful sunsets above the pristine Voerstreek.

We offer private service, where you can enjoy our kitchens at different price levels.